Philosophy Of Our Practice

Philosophy of Our Practice

Wyatt & Blake, LLP embraces a philosophy underlying its legal practice that is based on several core tenets:


We adhere to two fundamental principles relating to client communication. First, we are always candid with our clients. It is short-sighted not to be, and it is not in our best interest, or the client’s best interest, to do otherwise. Second, we are always available to our clients. If we are in court when a client calls, we immediately return the call upon our return. We recognize that one of our important functions is to be available to answer questions that clients have about their cases at any time.


We believe honesty and ethics are critically important in the practice of law. Judges, prosecutors and opposing counsel respect our integrity, and it is the hallmark of our practice. When a judge or opposing lawyer knows a lawyer is honest, ethical and thoroughly prepared, then they will listen to what the lawyer has to say on behalf of his or her clients.


We are selective in the cases we accept for representation. We will never be outworked by anyone in preparing our cases for hearing or trial. Our resources, knowledge, experience and efforts are focused on meeting our client’s needs and objectives. Every detail is important, and every relevant fact and legal theory is thoroughly vetted. Our reputation is based on the thoroughness and integrity of our work and the results we obtain for each client.

Wyatt isn’t preachy and doesn’t feign moral outrage as some lawyers do. He prepares as well as any lawyer I’ve ever seen. He’s very smart, and he balances rational argument with a passion for his work.

– Chief United States Magistrate For the Western District of North Carolina

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