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The Mayes House

Wyatt & Blake, LLP is located at 435 East Morehead Street in the historic Mayes House. This house, built by John and Idella Mayes in 1902, is one of the last remaining homes of the grand residential boulevard that formed the northern boundary of Dilworth, Charlotte’s first suburb. The house is architecturally significant as one of the finest examples of the Shingle Style house, a style dating from 1874 to the end of World War I. A wooden version of the masonry Romanesque Revival, the Shingle Style house is considered by many architectural authorities to be the first truly American style of house.

From right: Frances Smith Mayes from Gastonia (wife of John Mayes’ son John Henry Mayes (middle), and her sister Drucilla

The Mayes House was purchased by James F. Wyatt, III in February of 1993, and has been restored under the auspices of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission. The Mayes House has been designated, both locally and federally, as an historic landmark.John Mayes (1856-1947) was born in Luftborough, England, and came to the United States after the death of his first wife Elizabeth. Mr. Mayes moved to Charlotte around the turn of the century, and spent most of his career as a textile machinery agent, mill designer and mill executive. Mr. Mayes married Idella Green Mayes (1869-1939) and purchased the lot for this house in 1901 for $2,000.00. Mr. Mayes and his wife lived in this house for 24 years and raised three daughters and one son. Their grandchildren include Frances Mayes, who wrote “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

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